Thursday, 16 April 2015

Patience Buddayyy

April is easily my favorite time of the year. We go into 'Hill Phase' and build up our mileage. The weather is getting nice and it's a lot easier waking up at 6 for morning runs when it's not pitch black out. I haven't mentioned this but I've been on an internship since January. It was fine during indoor because I wasn't doubling a whole lot but now that I am I have to be on top of my sleep schedule. Luckily, my work is quite flexible so I'm able to make it to practice on time.

10 days into my build up I started having trouble with my right knee and it cost me 7 days of running. I've been reading quite few blogs and after seeing how so many athletes try to run through injuries just to have them become way worse I shut it down until it healed. It's pretty good now so I'm back doubling and livin the dream. In my last post I got all sassy and suggested building up mileage in a reasonable manor. My build up volume wise was gradual, but I did a terrible job of balancing the intensity of my run and that bugged my knee. I got pretty cocky, felt invincible on my runs and didn't listen to my body in terms of how fast I should be running. A little patience would have been good.

As for racing, the next couple weeks are going to be big down in the U.S. and there will be lots of Canadians running fast times with the NCAA season kicking off. It would be neat to go down and run some fast races early (all the cool kids are doing it) but I think in the grand scheme of things it's worth it for me to build up mileage and go through hill phase. Trust the system and it will pay off.

I think that's all for now, I'm healthy, life is boring, I'm in a routine, I just have to stay consistent and should be in for a fast summer.

Keep your wheels spinnin' and your beavers grinnin'


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